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New Wayfinder Details Revealed, With Early Access Coming August 15th

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Wayfinder is headed into early access on August 15th, Airship Syndicate announced in a stream today. Not only did they share the release date, they premiered a new preview for the character Venomess, shared all Founder’s Pack info, and their version of season passes.

We have just under a month to wait until Wayfinder goes into Early Access on both PC and PlayStation 5, and you can wishlist the game on both platforms now. In order to secure a spot, you’ll need to buy a Founder’s Pack. There are four tiers that you can select from, each with their own rewards and incentives.

The team also introduced the character of Venomess, with a full character trailer. You will be able to unlock or earn components to summon her at the start of Gloom Break: Founder’s Season 1.

The Base level Founder’s Pack is $19.99 and gets you into early access, 500 Runesilver to spend, a special flag profile background, a glyph pack, and a title. You’ll also get a Paid level season of access to the Reward Tower. This is Wayfinder’s version of a season pass. There will be a free version of the Reward Tower, but since you need a Founder’s Pack to get into early access, all pack tiers get something above free. 

There's another perk to getting a paid pack, because you will have access to complete previous seasons’ towers at your own pace.  If you only play the free Tower, access will end when the season does.

There will be a premium Reward Tower option that will let you instantly unlock Venomess– you will need to collect four components to unlock her, and you'll get one in the free Tower and can earn the rest, and get all four in  the paid pass.

The other tiers are Initiate, at $49.99, Awakened, for $89.99, and Exalted, for $149.99.  Each of these tiers contains everything from the previous one,  as well also adding things like pets, mounts, decorations, new titles, cosmetic skins, and even things like a free Wayfinder token to grow your character collection. Exalted, the most expensive pack, contains all of those things and an exclusive version of Kyros  that the team says they will never sell again. 

To make things easier to understand and to see all of the benefits you could take advantage of if you choose to jump into early access, the Wayfinder team has prepared a couple of guides, as well as a new video. 

See the full announcement and details over at Wayfinder.


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