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New War Mode Details Revealed - Will You Survive a Bounty on Your Head?

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Blizzard has rolled out a new World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth build that is paving the way for the future addition of War Mode, the open world "toggle-able" PvP experience coming with the expansion. Game designer 'Phalanx' has posted some brief facts about four different aspects of War Mode, including the brand new Bounty Hunting feature.

During War Mode, players will have Honor Talents enabled as they do when entering instanced PvP. Once War Mode is toggled by a player in a capital city, Honor Talents become active and remain so for the entire time the player is flagged for PvP. 

During PvP combat, gear will be scaled to a roughly equivalent level between combatants. If a player's gear is better than the opponent, they will still have a slight advantage, but a reasonable one. 

Players will earn Conquest during World PvP, a nice addition to the pool of activities where Conquest can be earned.

The more opponents a player kills during War Mode, the more likely they will be to find themselves with a bounty on their head. Once a Bounty is placed, an announcement will be broadcast to all opposing faction players in the zone and the player with a bounty on them will be marked on the map.

You can read more by visiting the World of Warcraft community forum.


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