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New War Gloves and Elite Specializations Highlight Albion Online Devtalk

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This week, Albion Online gets its huge Lands Awakened update, and a new dev talk covers two new features in the update: War Gloves, and Elite Levels.

War Gloves is a completely new brawler weapon line on the Warrior weapons tree. There are three new base weapons, four new artifact weapons, and all arranged in the intent to allow different attack combos. War Gloves have an additional Q slot ability over other weapons, so it lets you have a little more room to create a flexible build.

Some of the abilities include triple kick, which lets you fly towards your enemy and perform three aerial kicks. You can aim them in close or at a distance, and you can even drag an enemy player with you. For extra fun, combine this with the new Infernal Boulder ability. Alone, it sends boulders raining. With Triple Kick, all three hits can be delivered as boulders landing on one player. This is the first of the new weapon lines, and they promised that new ones for Hunter and Mage are also coming in future updates.

The other huge update includes elite levels. Because they expanded Fame and are encouraging PVP all over the open world, as well as introducing other reward types like Might, Elite Levels lets combat specializations reach level 120, in an effort to expand options for veteran players. The new combat specialization levels are unlocked with Fame credits or silver, and can increase the maximum possible specialization bonus by 60 points item power. You also get new badges on equipped items, showing off how far you’ve gotten in specialization

These two updated features pull some of the other announcements together right ahead of Lands Awakened and it’s extensive updates.

For more on these two new features, see the update over at Albion Online.


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