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New Video Series 'Around the Emberring' Features Embers Adrift Devs on Goals and Vision for the Sandbox MMORPG

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Embers Adrift is heading towards its planned 2022 release and the first episode of what is going to be a monthly dev update and Q&A video series, Around the Emberring, is now up. This comes as the game’s first trailer is set to premiere on January 1st.

The format of the first episode looks into the development of the game as well as changing direction and making adjustments and their overall vision. Embers Adrift is intended to be a very group-oriented game, with emphasis on cooperation in the community, while also leaving room for solo players.

This first episode featured the game’s executive producer, John Gust, lead developer Robert Thomson, and content developer Jonathan Zink. If you're not yet familiar with the development history and the story behind the project that is now Embers Adrift, watching this video will get you up to speed. Gust begins with some of the thought and planning behind what their goals in creating this MMORPG and what we can expect in the near future as things ramp up towards release. 

Community Manager Elloa hosts, and since this is the first episode, asks questions of the devs, with a community Q&A planned for future episodes.

The pace is intentionally more measured to focus on players being able to have time to interact with the community and not have everything moving so fast that you just click click click without ever really grounding yourself in the community. Even something like the group finder is not just going to auto-match you right off, but you’ll be able to send potential party members a tell and communicate about grouping up. 

There’s an emphasis on organic grouping and finding others that might be nearby without just going from objective to objective and not needing to strategize along the way. More of an older style is the inspiration here, with lots to discover (while encouraging exploration and interaction). “A familiar, new experience in a modern game” is how Elloa sums it up.

You can watch the episode above, and find out more about Embers Adrift over at the official site.


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