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New Vertagear 800 Series Gaming Chair Announced

In celebration of its 7-year anniversary

Garrick Durham-Raley Updated: Posted:
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Vertegear has announced their new Vetagear 800 series gaming chairs in celebration of its 7th year anniversary. This new series features Vertagear’s patent-pending CountourMax and VertaAir Seats which they say will maximize both the comfort as well as a healthy sitting posture for their users. Additionally, the seats are made with HygennX material and PUC Synthetic Faux Leather to give them both the durability of PVC leather while retaining its softness. This new series has four chairs split between the S-Line for up to 6’ and the P-Line which goes all the way up to 6’8”. The four chairs are the SL3800, the SL5800, the PL4800, and the PL6800.

The CountourMax Lumbar support alleviates tension throughout the body by dynamically contouring itself via four integrated flexible TPEE modules that curve themselves to your back’s shape. This means that no matter how long you might sit at your desk for or how many times you move around the lumbar will mold itself to you in order to prevent pain or discomfort.

In tandem with the new lumbar support, the Verta Air Seat adds to comfort by providing support to your back, relieving chronic back pain, and prevents blockage of blood circulation through your legs.The waterfall seat design distributes pressure evenly across your lower body through 8 hexagonal air pillars designed with 4-way emission tullets that provide pressure relief and support a healthy back.

From Mike Ma, Founder and CEO of Vertagear:

“The 800 Series is our way of fulfilling our promise to our customers. We engineer our chairs with the health and comfort of every person at the top of our minds, and our new lineup is the epitome of that promise.”

As a separate purchase for the PL4800 and SL5800 chairs, Vertagear also offers RGB LED Top Updgrade Kits which feature fully customizable illumination and vivid animation effects via wireless PC control. Additionally, there is a RGB LED Bottom Kit which offers the same, and can project an image underneath it. Both of these kits are available through Vertagear's website right now for $229.99 each.

The 800 Series is clearly targeted to deal with the core health and comfort-related issues that are so prevalent in the standard gaming chair by utilizing its patent-pending features in an effort to revolutionize the future of ergonomics in the gaming chair industry. Starting today, the Vertagear 800 Series is available to preorder now starting at $379.99 over at www.vertagear.com


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