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New Valheim Devblog Updates on the Mistlands, Shows New Animated Hare and Building Screenshots

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Work on the Mistlands continues for Valheim, with Iron Gate providing a new brief update on just how things are going. The update features some animated concept art,  as well as some newly unveiled structures meant to lend some history to the world.

With Valheim, work on the world is ongoing, and with the Mistlands, the team is taking time to continue ongoing development and also polish. Though sometimes "polish" might mean making something look weather-beaten and changed over time. This is important when it comes to the newly revealed structures in the devblog. One is a building with cracks and overgrown green fauna having taken up a home and wound itself into the foundation. The other looks like a section of a stone bridge or something else functional once.

Now there’s this piece left, also featuring cracks and green plant life climbing opportunistically up its sides. Both of these are in the process of getting final design passes, but while they may still be tweaked, even now they fit the goal that the team has set out, as “the Mistlands were once a place where civilisations of old built homes and strongholds alike”. 

Also from the Mistlands, they have revealed some new animated footage of the Mistlands Hare, a critter that will be around in the Mistlands year round, but because of spring and Easter, the team thought it might be a fun thing to reveal in animated form, after initially revealing the hare in still concept art earlier. Iron Gate is teasing “another kind of inhabitants for the Mistlands” they’ve been working on, but will remain a surprise for now.

The devblog does also update on a cloud sync issue affecting some players, where their saves were overwritten. The good news is that they’ve been working on a fix and are planning to put it on the public test server soon where those interested can help test if before it’s pushed to the default version.

You can read the full Valheim devblog here.


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