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Craig McGregor Posted:
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The official site for Adellion has just released quite a few updates on their game. The following was posted on their site:

Over the last few months work has continued on the game. We still are on target for an open Alpha 1 in October/November this year. It will be set in the Salan county of Cebetshire and feature a village with an inn, a church, a shop, a blacksmith and three types of houses. Testers will have the mining, foraging and cooking skills and also be able to climb, jump and swim. There will be quests to undertake and items to collect.

We will publish details of how you can take part in Alpha 1 in September. We are going to take it fairly slowly but hope to take on about a hundred testers in the end.

We are now beginning to look at Alpha 2...

For more information on the updates you can visit this page.  They have also released a video which you can view at this link.


Craig McGregor