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New Torchlight III Trailer Welcomes Us to the Frontier Ahead of Tomorrow's Launch


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Torchlight III trailer is here ahead of the launch tomorrow on PC and consoles.

Specifically, those consoles include Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo Switch is slated for later this year. This new trailer called  “Welcome to the Frontier” debuted as a part of the inaugural RazerCon event. The trailer shows off some never-before-seen original animations that reveal the story of Torchlight III including the vibrant and epic world of Novastraia, four diverse hero classes and five powerful relics with unique abilities and strengths, fully customizable forts, and the pets system.

About the launch, Max Shaefer, CEO of Echtra Games, had stated,

“We’ve put our heart into this new adventure and it has been awesome getting so much support from players while the game has been in live development. With the significant changes we’ve made throughout Torchlight III’s journey in Early Access, we have done our best to meaningfully integrate players’ feedback as much as possible into the game as we march toward launch.”


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