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New SWTOR Interview Breaks Down Onderon's Role Within The Upcoming Expansion

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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When Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming Onslaught expansion debuts on October 22, players will be able to go into the new adventure with a new appreciation for the lore thanks to a new interview.

Posted by prolific SWTOR YouTuber Swtorista, the 10 minute long interview with SWTOR Creative Director Charles Boyd breaks down the lore behind Onderon. Swtorista goes in depth with Charles about the inspirations behind the creation of Onderon in the game, such as the Tales of Jedi comic series as well as the Clone Wars and even KOTOR II

Boyd also goes into a bit about the story players will experience when they get to Onderon in SWTOR.

So there's two angles to that: The main thrust of the storyline and what brings players there, both Republic and Imperial, is that there is a Republic fleet that desperately needs to reach Corellia in time for a crucial battle. I should say there are several Republic fleets on their way there, one of which is stopping off on Onderon to refuel and resupply before it heads onto the battle. And so Republic players need to ensure that fleet makes it safely and make sure the Empire doesn't sabotage or otherwise get in the way of it. 

And of course Imperial players are there specifically for that purpose. They're there to make sure those Republic reinforcements don't make it to the battle and to ensure the Empire has the best chances it possibly could.

You can view the full interview below. Thanks to Swtorista for sharing this!


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