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New Swords of Legends Online Interview Talks Leveling, Class Areas and Endgame

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In a new interview, Gameforge is pullin the veil back a bit on the upcoming MMORPG, Swords of Legends Online. In the interview, the team talks a bit about leveling, endgame and how class areas work.

Speaking with German MMO site, MeinMMO, Gameforge detailed a bit about some of what players can expect when jumping into Swords of Legends Online. One feature is something the recent official livestream showed a bit of, class areas.

Class areas, according to the interview, are hubs where players can grab different quests and play mini-games. Class areas are also a place to learn new skills for your class as well as try out new rotations with the training dummies on hand. The areas are distinct to each class as well, such as the Reaper's dark purples and blacks, or the Spellsword which rocks a giant Ice Sword in the middle of the area.

The team talked leveling as well with MeinMMO, specifically what the max level is and how it works. Right now the maximum level is 37, though right now in China the expansion has doubled that. Currently it's labeled as Student 1- 37, and the next tier would change that to either "teacher or master" though the team hasn't completely locked in the translation. Leveling is handled through questing through the nine different zones in SOLO, though exploration fans will be sad to hear that they are your more traditional MMO-fare with each zone having a level requirement to really excel. Though the team has said that even a maxed out character won't be able to face roll in the zone they are in, instead just being able to have an easier time with the lower zones.

Endgame in Swords of Legends Online will feature dungeons, raids, world bosses and something called the Underworld. Dungeons and raids are more of your standard MMO content, with dungeons being playable with up to 10 players, while raids can range from 10 to 20 players. 

World bosses  can be both solo and group content, with players getting a bounty to hunt. When you get to the boss,it'll transport you to an instance where you and your group can take out the boss without interruptions. 

The full interview is in German, however there is a version from Google Translate available should you need it. Swords of Legends Online is looking at a global launch this year and took to a livestream last week to lay out its roadmap, albeit without many exact dates, as to when players can start to expect to go hands on. The stream also confirmed that the MMO will have a battle pass, showcased the in-game shop and showed some of the first real gameplay footage outside of a game trailer.


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