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New Support Master & Game Mode Added in Latest Update

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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MXM has been updated with a new Master and a new game mode called Natium Defense Line. The latter challenges coop teams to an "incredibly difficult challenge" to defend their base against increasingly large and more difficult waves of enemies. This is a cooperative and competitive activity that features ladderboards and special monthly rewards.

Titus is a pure support Master that has relatively few options for offensive play but is one of the strongest support characters yet released. He creates a healing field for allies, increase speed, apply other healing skills with an ultimate that heal allies for 50-70% of their health if it drops to 0 while active.

The update also details:

  • September events
  • Cumulative log-in rewards
  • Master rotation changes
  • Master updates
  • Account level changes

You can check out the update notes by visiting the MXM site.


Suzie Ford

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