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Keith Cross Posted:
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The folks at Navy Field Europe have announced that they have launched a new server and added Submarine warfare to the game.

NavyField Europe (Company: eFusion MMOG GmbH) announced the details of submarines. A new sailor tree and new submarine tree will be created and 16 submarines have been preparing for now. Submarines are a bit slower than other normal ships and the torpedo of submarine has a shorter range and more damage. Small ships like destroyers and light cruisers can detect submarines. They will have a new role in battle and of course submarines can detect other submarines. eFusion expect that big battleships need to corporate more with small ships and team-work will be even more important. Submarines can use guns and torpedoes on the sea but it can only use torpedoes while being submerged. The Submarine patch date is planned in September and eFusion expect many players will enjoy this addition.

New “Hood” Server launching date will be 24th of July and many events are prepared. 3 months Ranking Event, 50 Level Challenging Event, Nomination Event and Bonus Item for First buying Users Event will be started on launching day. Event participants have a chance to win Model-ship, NF Crystals, NF T-Shirts, NF Posters and Premium Items.

July patch has been implemented as planned on 17th of this month and host wakeup function, macro-blocking, CV EXP boost and gun power boost added. New Billing Method "PaySafeCard" will be added in this month, so gamers will have diversity of methods. GNGWC European Preliminary League applying is finished and the battle will be started from 26th of July.

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