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New Report Confirms Saber Interactive Will Complete Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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According to a new report, it’s a done deal and Saber Interactive will be taking over development duties in full on the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake.

The report from Bloomberg  follows indications in the Embracer Group financial report that pointed at a title in their AAA division that would be taken over by another development company within the Embracer Group umbrella. Aspyr Media, the original developer on the project, is one of the studios that had been acquired by Embracer Group, as is Saber Interactive. Saber Interactive had been announced a while back as working to assist development on the KOTOR remake, but now Saber will get to bring the project to completion.

This follows developments at Aspyr that led to several developers being laid off and an indefinite development pause happening. This came after the company had shown off a demo of the KOTOR remake to Lucasfilm and Sony that was apparently not where it needed to be in terms of the quality, something the Embracer Group financial report also mentioned in the comments about a switch in studios for one of its projects.

While the KOTOR remake has changed hands and Saber Interactive will now be responsible for finishing the game, there isn’t any expected delay or timeframe change as a result. Given that they were already assisting on development and knew what the scope and needs of the project were, it's a natural step. With so much already sunk into development on the game, especially with a beloved title in a big IP franchise, the change makes sense.

The game is still expected to take some time to finish, with 2025 thrown around as an estimate in the original report on the “indefinite pause” in development, but once everything has been formally settled and announced with more info (or any visuals aside from the one trailer), we’ll know for sure. 


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