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New Pricing Announced for Dual Universe, as the Demeter Update Approaches

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With the Demeter update on the horizon, there are new pricing changes for Dual Universe, as well as more news on how excavation will work if you need help with it.

The NovaQuark team admits that running the beta has come with learning just how much it costs to both develop and run a game like this. They have been trying to reduce expenses on their side, but one element they are trying going forward is adjustments to the subscription pricing.

Subscription pricing changes will only affect new players or players who quit and sign back up. If you stay subscribed, you’ll keep your price. Subscriptions will be available in one month, three month, six month, or 12 month increments, all at adjusted price tiers.

One month by itself will cost $9.99 (US)/ £9.99 in the EU. If you subscribe for three months, six months, or 12 months, each month's subscription price will go down by $1/€1. The ability to buy subscription time one month at a time is new, though it was a temporary option last year. The one-month subscription also qualifies for rewards if you send it recruit a friend code and that person signs up.

The team is also getting everyone ready for the new update, the changes to the environment and the geometry reset. This is the big mining update that they promised. They expect that some players may have their constructs stuck after the update and their buildings may be partially buried in the terrain. You can register for help from the team to get you dug out, especially if you have a very large construct. 

For more on the geometry reset and the excavation process, see this post. For the full new pricing details, see this announcement on the Dual Universe site.


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