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New Outlaws of the Old West Update Brings Farming & Homesteads to Cowpokes

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Cowpokes playing Outlaws of the Old West will enjoy the largest update so far that bring both farming and homesteading into the game. Players will be able to customize objects around the town and will be able to engage in a number of farming activities such as churning butter and many others.

  • 27 new crops to grow! (Pumpkins, Lemons,Watermelon, etc!)
  • New wildlife to tame ( Bulls, Turkeys, Cattle)
  • New craftable objects for your town and homestead including town entrance signs, town gates and entrance posts
  • Updated cow, sheep and pig pens, which allow them to respawn over time without crafting new ones.
  • Building Additions: stable/stall kit building pieces, barn building kit (large double doors, etc), silos, ramps, wind pointers for tops of buildings, livestock fencing/gates, barn/stable building kits
  • New farming equipment and elements: animal plows, crop plots for growing fields, seeds, raised garden beds, a scarecrow that keeps wildlife away from crop/food source, field rows (crop plot grid system), a compost bin that turns spoiled food to turn into fertilizer, butter churn, a self- pumping water trough, pitchfork

The game is also sporting a Steam sale for 25% off. 

Learn moe on the Outlaws of the Old West Steam page.


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