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New NetEase Studio, T-Minus Zero Entertainment, Led By MMO Vet Rich Vogel, Working on Original IP

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Today, NetEase unveiled its new US-based studio. T-Minus Zero Entertainment is located in Austin, Texas and is led by MMO veteran Rich Vogel. The studio is developing its first project, described in the announcement as "an ambitious, third person online multiplayer action game set in a sci-fi universe” and based on an original IP.

If you're going to develop games like this, then hiring someone like Rich Vogel as your studio head brings a ton of experience. Vogel himself is a vet of games like Meridian 59, Ultima Online, Star Wars: Galaxies, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and his time helping to launch studios like Sony Online Entertainment. 

“Our studio’s mission is to create epic, immersive worlds where players from around the globe can play together, forming vibrant and passionate communities,” Vogel says in the studio announcement. Vogel’s own experience already speaks to creating memorable shared experiences, but T-Minus Zero is not short on industry veterans. 

The announcement names Game Director Mark Tucker, citing his 22 years of design experience, Art Director Jeff Dobson, with decades of experience, and Scott Malone, with a decade in production as already on the roster. To make their project a reality, the team is looking to hire, both in Austin and remotely.

NetEase president of global investments and partnerships Simon Zhu, in a release, gives a little more insight into their partnership: “T-Minus Zero Entertainment has been built with an inspiring roster of talented veterans with unparalleled industry knowledge and the passion to create wholly original gaming experiences. NetEase Games strongly believes in empowering creators with the ability to build games that will inspire players and evolve over time with its community. We can’t wait to share more of what Rich and the team are working on, and we'll make every effort to help them grow". 

We’ll all have to wait until T-Minus Zero is ready to begin revealing details on its upcoming project, but NetEase has clearly brought on experienced devs to get things rolling at its latest North American studio.

Visit T-Minus Zero for more.



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