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New Mobile Entry Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Opens Pre-Registrations With a New Teaser

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The next game in the Ragnarok franchise, the mobile title Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, is now open for pre-registration in North America and Brazil. The game is a spinoff in the series and features a card battling system and an open world.

The game follows a hero called Perr. He wakes up on Mount Mjolnir with that very popular situation across many an RPG series: he has no memories. This, of course, presents a very important task that the story will lead you through, but it looks to be just the beginning. So it’s up to you to take Perr, meet new characters as you adventure to both get his memories back and enjoy the rest of what Ragnarok: The Lost Memories has to offer. 

Battles will be done via a card battle system new to the series. You’ll be able to collect both new heroes and monster cards. Use your hero skills to progress through the story and all of the available challenges ahead. There will be over 200 dungeons and competitions to take part in throughout the story. As with other Ragnarok games, there are cities and terrain to explore in the open world, and treasures to obtain.Trials like the Mage Tower and other discoveries to be made are also available for your journey.

With this new mobile entry in the series, Gravity still hasn’t released any details on when we can expect the game to be available. In a press release, they mention that a release date announcement will come sometime in the next few weeks.

If you’re interested in more, pre-registration has now opened. Those who head over to the official site and register will grab a starter bonus package that begins with 50 red  gemstones, with more items added as the number of pre-registrations goes up and certain tiers are met. 



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