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New Mineral Allows for Almost Instant Building Gratification

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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PlanetSide 2 has released a new update that brings construction into the game, so don your hardhats and start looking for a new mineral called "Cortium". Special harvesters called "ANTs" (Advanced Nanite Transports) are deployed to collect and refine the ore for use.

Cortium is not just another building material, however, as its special property allows for "near instantaneous deployment of player-built fortifications", especially crucial during battle. Players can construct turrets, bunkers, sunderer garages for bolstering base fortifications or used to construct field bases to push the lines forward to the enemy fortress.

Cortium also serves as fuel for a "HIVE" (Hardline Interference Volume Emitter) which produces Victory Points over time and as it continues to be stoked with the mineral. HIVEs are not impervious to damage and can be destroyed by the enemy that halts VP acquisition. Adding insult to injury, the HIVE core can be taken by the enemy to use in construction of HIVE units for themselves.

Check out the PlanetSide 2 site for more information.

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