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New Membership Perks Coming Soon to EverQuest

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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EverQuest has maintained loyal players for decades now, through its start as a subscription titls over 20 years ago, being acquired, and then going free to play nearly a decade ago. There's still a dedicated EverQuest player population and Daybreak has unveiled some new subscription Perks options coming in a few weeks that could give your characters some boosts. 

The Adventurer's Perk will let you gain 5% experience bonuses that will multiple with other experience bonuses that you may earn. You'll get 10% more in gold from kills, and earn 10% more in alternate currency from the modern raids.

The Challenger's Perk looks like it was made for the daring, since you'll get a 10% discount on Loyalty items from loyalty vendors, mercenaries will get 10% experience gains, and when your character dies in battle, you won't suffer losing a level. Risk and reward are in this bunch.

Finally, the Merchant's Perk lets you use 12-slot trader's satchels, gives you two more inventory slots, and adds a 10% chance bonus to gain skill points in your crafting skills. This chance bonus will be affected by your other active bonuses and is capped at 100%.

Perks are stackable, so you can subscribe to one for the following monthly rates: $2.99 forn one Perk, two Perks for $3.99, and all three for $4.99 a month.  They do give character some advantages that will make a difference, but in a game that is over 20 years old with  a smaller player base, there’s something to be said about making things a bit simpler for those who want it to be (and who would say no to more inventory slots?)

These Perks are outside the regular optional Daybreak subscription tier, so if you're just looking for particular help, these may be of interest. Those interested in signing up will find the new subscription Perks available on the EverQuest subscription page around the end of September.


Christina Gonzalez

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