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New Master System Changes Progression As the Voracious Resurgence Continues in Final Fantasy XI

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Final Fantasy XI is still going strong with a new update, continuing the Voracious Resurgence storyline. The new update also introduces the master level character system, and kicks off November player events and rewards.

The Voracious Resurgence continuation in the newest chapter let’s players journey to the far East. This chapter features several Beastmen who are there with different goals but present danger. It’s up to you to uncover those mysterious plans, learn what’s going on and what effects their plans might have. 

When it comes to character advancement, the new master level system is centered around letting players increase their attributes by powering up the jobs that they earned Master level in. This will lift the cap on job levels and help you boost up your characters in the process. How will this work? Increasing your master level increases your basic attributes and the maximum level of your support job. In order to unlock it you have to be level 99 in your current job and have job master status. Master level starts at 0 and is leveled through XP, meaning you can earn basic attribute increases and increases to your support job level cap by doing what you are already there to do, take on challenges and monsters..

The system is designed to reward in increments, and what you do will matter. Taking on weaker enemies won’t earn you as many points but if you face a challenge, you’ll get more experience and exemplar points.

The November login campaign arrives in this update too, where you can earn rewards to trade for prizes like mounts, items, and more gear. Some of the weapons you can exchange sof will help you with new goals from “A Challenge from Lion”.

Find out all the details on the update here at Final Fantasy XI  site.


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