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New Lore: Attack On The Nexus

Craig McGregor Posted:
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SOE has added their 3rd installment in their lore series.  This one is titled "Attack On The Nexus."  It is definately a cool read!  Here is a snippet:

Ayenden concluded his business in the Bazaar and strolled into the Nexus. The usual crowd of travelers was passing through, and Ayenden thought he might look around for some familiar faces with which to seek adventure. He caught sight of an old friend standing atop the platform. "Enkasha," he called out. "I didn't expect to see you here today."

The tall, serene Erudite saw him and smiled slightly. Ayenden knew this was the extent of the emotion she was likely to show. She walked down the stairs and greeted him.

"You are correct, my friend. I am indeed overdue for the festival. I was exploring the planes with my guild mates, which took far longer than I had anticipated. I am certain to be chided for my tardiness."

"It sounds like a glorious occasion for your people," Ayenden said. "Are you sure I can't convince you to take me along as a guest?"

Enkasha rolled her eyes and sighed, a gesture Ayenden knew to be playful rather than demeaning. "You know full well that the celebration of the anniversary of Erud?s birth is a sacred and private ritual for us. Outsiders are never allowed to attend."

To read the full story, just click on this link.


Craig McGregor