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New Last Oasis Dev Vlog Video Looks at Walkers

Craft and harvest away

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new dev vlog from the Last Oasis team focuses on the Walkers in game.

If you’re not familiar with Last Oasis, the survival game is built around the walker mechanic. Essentially, these are machines you can construct out of harvested materials to help you traverse the vast world more quickly. You start with a smaller walker at first, but eventually, you can built pretty large and complex walkers.

The video focuses on these machines and starts by providing some lore behind the walkers. It then shifts to talking about the first walker you can create, discussing some of the advantages and weakness of the initial machine.

As the video progresses, it covers off some of the more advanced walkers you can craft. For example, you can arm a cargo walker with siege weapons and create a sort of hybrid walker. These walkers operate at different speeds, and perform different functions.

Check out the dev vlog below:


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