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New In-Game "/pizza" Feature!

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Sony has landed an interesting deal with Pizza Hut which allows players to quickly pull up the Pizza Hut website to order more "gaming fuel" without leaving game.  CNN has posted a nice article about this as well as the future of advertising in the video game market.  A preview below:

Need a sword? A couple of gold pieces will fetch you a sturdy one. Hungry? That can be remedied for a silver piece or two. Of course, both the merchandise and the currency are worthless outside of the game.

Changes are on the way to the world of Norrath, though. Starting mid-next week, players will be able to order a real world pizza (with real world pepperoni, even) by simply typing "/pizza" in the game.

It's an interesting experiment on Sony's behalf. Can the publisher introduce advertising to its game world in a way that doesn't seem obtrusive – but still generates a response among some of its 325,000 active players?

Read the full story here.  For more information at the official EQ2 site - click here.


Craig McGregor