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New In-Depth Temtem Trailer Shows Off All Major Features Coming For Launch on Sepember 6th

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Temtem is coming on September 6th, and developer Crema and publisher Humble Games are ramping up the final weeks of pre-launch reveals with a new in-depth trailer delving into all of the game’s major features.

The game will let you explore the islands of the Airborne Archipelago, finding new creature species, catching them and taming them, engaging in combat, battling other tamers. The story mode also involves Clan Belsoto and its plot to rule the archipelago . There are also goals for you to meet, including beating the eight dojo leaders across the islands. 

Yes, this will sound familiar to all Pokémon fans, but Temtem is doing its best to stand on its own. The devs describe it as “a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure". The world is full of others on their own similar, but different, adventures building their own collections of creatures, and you’ll have the chance to battle them, trade with them, or see them all around during your travels.

In the direct competitive mode, you'll choose your eight Temtem and then you and your opponent will enter the pick and ban phase. You will ultimately end up with a squad of five on each side and battle each other. 

You also have the opportunity to team up with others. With co-op, you can catch together, take on a route together, or even face a Temtem leader together. This is a  massively multiplayer online game that allows you to play competitively or to team up depending on your play style and preferences. 

The trailer also shows off player housing  and character customization. You'll be able to extensively customize both your character and your house. Change the color of the walls or decorate with new furniture. You'll also be able to invite friends to your house as well. When it comes to your character, plenty of items will be available in game to dress your characters the way that you want to. Even potentially cosplaying like your favorite Temtem. 

For more on the game, head over to Temtem.


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