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New Heroes of the Storm Event Revealed - Mechastorm 2.0

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The Heroes of the Storm team has revealed a new in-game event called Mechastorm 2.0. As usual, players will complete a number of objectives to earn some in-game rewards. These include skins, portraits and other collectibles.

At least two of the skins will be for Valla and Yrel. The event is now live on the PTR.

In addition to the new event, players will also find that Chen has been completely reworked, including a shake up of his abilities and the addition of the new Stagger ability.

The new Chen has finally arrived! We had a blast tinkering with him, and look forward to seeing him unleashed to his full potential in your hands. When taking a look at how to best change him, we primarily focused on adding more opportunities for Chen to make plays and for his opponents to interact with him. Some of his power has been taken out of Fortifying Brew and put into his new ability, Stagger, as well as into his talents. While he may take a bit of time to master, proper management of Chen’s cooldowns should result in a formidable hero that will make a great addition to any team.

Check out the full update notes on the Heroes of the Storm site.


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