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New Hero Tessa is Coming August 9th to Naraka: Bladepoint

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Naraka: Bladepoint will welcome its latest hero, Tessa, on August 9th, along with a new crossover event featuring Nier. The team also unveiled some new stats from the game’s debut as a free to play title, and Showdown’s next stage.

When it comes to the free to play transition and the arrival on PlayStation the team released some stats saying that the first week into F2P resulted in 3.1 million Heroes unlocked, 348 million total kills, and 1.3 million PVE boss kills.

Tessa’s introduction is as “the vixen” and the fox theme is intentional. Her new cinematic trailer gives us a peek into her character. When we interviewed the team, they teased her arrival:"Since she is able to charm enemies and capture their souls, we made considerable effort to make Tessa a visually stunning character. We know fans have been looking for more details ever since we teased her previously and we know they will not be disappointed!"

The rest of the video is her combat showcase, showing off her weapon skills and various fox-inspired skills. Using Tail Strike, she knocks enemies into the air with the fox spirit tail,and when she does, gains Foxfire for 3 seconds. Foxfire explodes when staggered by attack and knocks enemies back. Another variation,Tail Strike: Trap, lets her summon a glowing zone with the tail, pulling enemies into the zone and damaging them. 

Enchant is a skill you can use if you have enough Rage. With this skill, Tessa picks a direction and summons the fox spirit to steal her enemies soul and store it in a soul vessel. if the enemy doesn't take back their soul within 6 seconds, they'll get the Enchanted status. It only lasts for 3 seconds but enemies with Enchanted won't be able to move or attack, and they’ll be drawn to the vessel. Enchanted: Bite will let Tessa recover health and damage an enemy that doesn’t take their soul back fast enough.

Also on the way is a new Showdown chapter featuring a new scene, Shipwreck Expanse, and a brand new boss.

See the full stream for the announcements , and head to Naraka: Bladepoint for more.


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