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Jon Wood Posted:
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Savage Eden, an MMORPG put out by E I Interactive, has announced that they have introduced a new gameplaay server called "Foretold Strife" that will be placed into service on June 1st.


Savage Eden MMORPG Introduces New Gameplay Server "Foretold Strife"

BUTTE, MT - (June 9, 2006) - E I Interactive, publisher of Savage Eden, has introduced a newly enhanced gameplay server for its subscribers. The new server, entitled "Foretold Strife," was placed into service on June 1, 2006, and has experienced broad acceptance and extensive gameplay by existing and new subscribers of the popular fantasy MMORPG.

“This new server world is exciting to me as a gamer because we’re all newbies, starting out at level one, whether we are 3-year veterans or trial subscribers,” said Edward C. Andercheck, Chairman of E I Interactive. “This server storyline addition keeps the game young and exciting, with tougher monsters and better rewards. I am hopeful that it demonstrates our commitment to providing good gameplay and quality in-game management within the products we offer to gamers,”

“The development of the new story line and “Foretold Strife” server was done entirely by E I Interactive personnel,” commented Dr. Raymond Rask, E I President and CTO, “these offerings are exclusive to North American subscribers and unavailable from any other licensee. Zack Horne, the E I Executive Game Manager, and our in-game management team did a great job on this development. We are all proud of the outcome and the acceptance by the gaming community. Since we became publisher of Nako Interactive's Savage Eden Game in October 2005, we’ve increased player subscriptions by nearly 500 percent.”

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Jon Wood