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New Gameplay Revealed For The Quinfall, Latest Video Shows Off Caravan, Sky Rift and PvP

Giving a preview of PvP modes and more

Victoria Rose Posted:
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Upcoming MMORPG The Quinfall has posted a video with about ten minutes of new overworld and PvP gameplay. In these clips, we get to see thieves robbing player caravans, Sky Rift area events, and the PvP Arena Battles, including some zoomed-out views of the latter’s maps. 

The “Caravan Thief” portion shows the player picking up cargo to bring elsewhere, before hopping onto an elephant Caravan Mount and setting off. This trip is oh-so-rudely interrupted by a pack of thieves, which the player fends off before continuing their journey to the destination.  

The Sky Rifts, meanwhile, give off the vibes of, well… another old rift. A rift is shown from afar, and players are welcome to take on the enemies that emerge in order to earn rewards. 

Finally, we get a preview of the different PvP modes available: Area Conquest, Kill Score, Capture the Flag, and Stone Protection—which are all pretty much exactly what they sound like. Area Conquest mode is a good ol’ King of the Hill ordeal.; Kill Score is a team deathmatch; Capture The Flag is… well, that; and Stone Protection is a classic “stay in the circle and earn points as long as you own that area” battle. We also get a preview of one of the PvP maps in the end. 

If you're ready to get hands-on with The Quinfall towards the end of its development, there's an NDA-free beta coming up in June


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