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New Game Mode Introduced In Blitz

Catherine Daro Posted:
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Wargaming's cross-platform game World of Tanks: Blitz has been updated with the new game mode, called Supremacy. As the name implies, teams battle for dominance on the newly reworked version of the Falls Creek map.

Around each map, there are several bases to capture. Securing these bases accrues points for a team. The more bases a team controls, the quicker points are earned. To win, players can either reach 1,000 points, or wipe out the opposition to win. Supremacy mode is a free for all, and all vehicles from Tier V–X are fair game to jump into battle. Tactics, teamwork and preparation for a solid plan of action are crucial to secure scattered bases, and victory.

Supremacy game mode is a part of the larger Update 3.0. 

You can read the full update notes on the World of Tanks: Blitz site.


Catherine Daro