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New Funding for SRI

Keith Cross Posted:
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Shattered Reality Interactive, the company that is currently developing Kaos War, has announced that have recieved a new round of funding form a group of European investors.

May 2008 – After over a year of game development with minimal funding, Shattered Reality Interactive (“SRI”) announced that they have secured an undisclosed amount of Series A funding from European investors led by Netherlands based investment management firm Orange Dogs BV.

SRI is independently developing their flagship MMO title, Kaos War. The company and its CEO Damon Grow received immense industry attention from the Games.net original documentary series, "Creating Kaos." Since the documentary series ended a year ago, SRI has shown progressive growth by adding key team members including programmers, designers, artists, and administrative personnel. In January 2008, SRI successfully completed its gameplay demo to follow up its technology demo released in early 2007.

"This is a great sign for all independent game developers," says Damon Grow, CEO of Shattered Reality Interactive, Inc. "This funding shows that with good vision and determination, you can achieve success.”

Orange Dogs BV, with interests in Amsterdam and California, focuses in making investments in the online industry. The firm has previously invested in social networks, lifestyle services, mass technology adoption, and now online gaming.

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Keith Cross