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New 'Freedom Park' Event Dungeon Arrives

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Atlantica Online has been updated with a new event dungeon called Freedom Park. The dungeon is designed for players of level 80+ where they can earn "Freedom Flyers" that can be traded in for items including mounts and mercenaries. The event begins today and runs through August 2nd.


  1. To enter Freedom Park, you must have a Freedom Park Ticket. During the event period, if you accumulate an hour of log in time daily, 1 Freedom Park Ticket (1 Hour/No Trade) will be given. To get more tickets, you can exchange flyers with Merchant Acong.
  2. Inside there are monsters that waiting to be destroyed with the mighty fist of freedom! Each monster has a chance of getting Freedom Flyers.
  3. To easily get more Freedom Flyers, help Luna with here requests to defeat Freedom Park monsters. These quests can be done daily.
  4. Once you have accumulated enough flyers, you can exchange them with the merchant Acong located inside Rome.

Read the full patch notes on the Atlantica Online site.


Suzie Ford

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