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New Forbidden Court in the Floral Palace Raid Opens in Swords of Legends Online

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The latest update for Swords of Legends Online brings the new raid, Forbidden Court in the Floral Palace. This raid brings four new bosses, additional item drops, and more.

The updates so far and new raids have featured nature and myth influenced enemies, and this new one is no different. Take on Rain Flower, Kasangdu the witch doctor, the Red Hydra, and a female spirit fox, Tao Pianxian.

The raid makes its debut in both easy mode and normal , With normal mode already out now and easy mode unlocking on Sunday, December 12th. Regular difficulty has a recommended item level of 95, and can be done once a week with a reset every Thursday. If you’re successful and going through all four of the brand new bosses and getting out victorious, you can earn level 105 gear, PVE Sealstones IV, weapon and bracer recipes, crafting recipes and materials. As with other raids, normal difficulty is manual matchmaking only, while easy mode can be queued for automatic matchmaking or entered manually.

The easy mode of the raid won’t drop any progression items but it will let you get used to the strategy you'll need to practice. Victory will still earn you some pet items and you can use it to complete your weekly cultivation quests. This one is recommended level 85 and you can also do it once a week.

Other changes in the patch include new biographies and bug fixes for issues that range from Unlink housing items disappearing, housing items sometimes being unable to be selected, and issues preventing pick up of Soulforce Chests.

This raid will follow in both hard and extreme difficulties, but the time to get in practice and learn the right strategies for these bosses starts now. 

For the complete patch notes, go here to Swords of Legends Online.


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