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New Final Fantasy Spin-Off Reportedly Could Be Announced At E3 2021

Final Fantasy Origin?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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A new rumor sprang up over the weekend, giving credence to the idea that a new Final Fantasy game could be revealed during Square Enix's showcase at E3 2021 next month.

The rumor comes via ResetEra claiming that a spin-off Final Fantasy game is in the works, with Team Ninja, the team behind Nioh, as well as Square Enix's own Final Fantasy Dissidia NT,  working with Square Enix to develop the new game. The rumor suggests that the game could be a Final Fantasy game with gameplay like a Souls game, as well as it being exclusive to PlayStation 5, with a future PC release. The original rumor also stated that it was "inspired by [Jedi:Fallen Order

Fanbyte's Imram Khan has corroborated the leak, reporting their sources have confirmed this is true and the name of the spin-off title will be Final Fantasy Origin. There could alsobe a demo coming this summer, according to the Fanbyte report. The same report talks about the setting, stating that the upcoming Origin could be placed in the world of the first Final Fantasy, or "adjacent to the world[.]"

As with all rumor and leaks, take this with a grain of salt, especially as we approach E3 in the coming weeks. This could be one of the major announcements Square Enix is making alongside more information on Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker and even the next numbered entry in the series, Final Fantasy XVI


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