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Craig McGregor Posted:
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It has been nearly months since Sony Online Entertainment released EverQuest II, the sequel to their smash hit EverQuest.  Since this initial release much has been added to the game and countless tweaks and improvements have been made.  One of our new writers, Darren Bridle has taken a closer look at exact what has been going on in this world of Norrath lately.  A preview:

Without counting bloodlines, 15 new dungeons were added, 12 of those level 50 epic dungeons. There is already a significant high end community, which needed some attention. The addition of the higher end dungeons was a good move by Sony to keep level 50 characters playing. The new epic zones support up to 24 person raids. The 2 other dungeons are for the level 25-35 community, in the Commonlands and Antonica.

The latest Dungeon to be added was return to Nektropos, where players can once again visit Nektropos Castle, one of the most popular and well designed Dungeons in the game. This time, with Lord Everling dead, you can now enter into deeper and more dangerous parts of the castle. This dungeon was also designed for the higher level community and brings some of the best treasure the game has seen to date.

Also added to the game were thousands of new quests, even some more heritage quests, like the Golden Efreeti Boots. When you play Everquest 2, the sheer volume of detailed quests is a testament to the amount of content in the game, it truly is staggering.

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Craig McGregor