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New Faction Contracts Might Earn You 'Prestige' in the Next Prosperous Universe Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Prosperous Universe continues expanding on features, and the Simulogics team has announced the next major update, Prestige, will be out on December 6th. The update will formally introduce faction contracts and a whole system of faction reputation to explore.

When it comes to Prosperous Universe, there’s a lot of economic planning baked into the decision to play. The team refers to its game as an “economic space simulator”, after all. So this new update will take that to another level with faction contracts. How these will work is as an extension of the current contract system. Simulogics has expanded those over time, so this new feature feels like a natural extension.

Once in a while your faction will send you contracts to review. You can choose from these randomized contracts which, if any, to complete. What they request is a range of tasks that could mean a basic shipping contract to, the team notes, a task to go and become a planet’s governor. Complete contracts successfully, and you will get faction rewards that include currency, materials, and faction reputation. All players can accept faction contract so even free-to-play players can use this as a way to earn money,  even in the early game. 

You can decline any of the contracts you receive and just wait for ones that are more suitable to come your way. But since it's all randomized, you won't know when the next offers will come because the different contract types also don't drop at the same rate. This means you could get all common contracts, which is likely, but sometimes you'll see uncommon or rare contracts. The rarer the contract, the better the rewards, but also the more difficult the task is likely to be. Fat rewards aren’t handed out for no reason, of course.

Contracts are the center of the update although there are additional changes coming, including new tutorial videos to help people get started. Expect a number of balance changes as well, including adjustments to Silicon since it was too easy to produce.

You can read the full details on the update over at Prosperous Universe  


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