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New Faction & Companion Detailed

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Gamespot has a new post about one of the factions coming in Tyranny and the official site has been updated with a look at another of the companions that will journey with the player throughout the game.

The Scarlet Chorus is a faction that relies on strength over training or equipment to make its mark in the land. Numbers are bolstered after defeating an enemy by offering death or life in the Scarlet Chorus. It's probably not much of a stretch to imagine that most will join up.

Several groups make up the Scarlet Chorus including The Horde, Blood Hounds, Scarlet Furies, Blood Chanters and The Crimson Spears.

You can read more about the Scarlet Chorus by visiting Gamespot.

(Thanks for the tip above, BlueTurtle13!)

The second Tyranny update is on the game's official site and introduces readers to Lantry, a Sage of the School of Ink & Quill. Considered a scholar and historian, Lantry uses Preservation magic as well as Healing and Concealment.

Read more about Lantry on the Tyranny site.


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