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New Expansion - "Ryzom Ring"

Craig McGregor Posted:
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While at the E3 convention, our Staff Writer Reed Hubbard (aka "Koltrane") stopped in at the Nevrax booth to see what was up in the world of Ryzom.  He got a ton of great information about their upcoming expansion titled "Ryzom Ring".  He has put together a quick preview along with some nice pics from their booth:

Tucked off in a refreshingly quiet corner of the West Hall is the Nevrax booth. Nevrax is the developer and producer of The Saga of Ryzom, the MMORPG that launched in Europe and the US last year. David Cohen-Corval, the founder and creative director of Nevrax, took the time to discuss the upcoming expansion to his persistent world: Ryzom Ring.

Ryzom Ring shifts the paradigm dramatically for players of Ryzom. It gives subscribers access to a series of development tools that allow them to create their own worlds. “It’s similar to mods,” he explains, describing the scenes that players will be able to create. Players will have access to almost the full range of items and objects that Nevrax’s in-house developers have. Those developing may choose to build scenes that are part of the Ryzom story line, or may veer off into a purely static PvP scenario.

To read this entire feature and view all the images, click here!


Craig McGregor