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New Events Coming to Blade & Soul July 14

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New events are arriving in Blade & Soul in just a few days on July 14 include the Warlock 3rd Specialization in Endless Night.

The first event is Quick Study which goes live on July 14 and runs through August 11. During this event, you’ll be able to grab a free Level 60 character boost voucher from Hongmoon store. Use the voucher to boost your character to level 60, and keep in mind you can use it once per account.

The Reaver Reinforcement and Support Package event is next, also running from July 14 through August 11. You’ll be able to deck out your Warlock with a Reaver package which you can grab for 0 Hongmoon Coin in the Hongmoon sore. Again, this is available only once per account. Likewise, you can use these packages on any character of your choice.

The Horde and Gourd event is next. The event runs from July 14 through August, while reward redemption will run July 14 through September 8. Go to your quest journal and accept the Kaebi Village quest letter. Head over to Mushin’s Tower to enter the village. Defend the village and earn rewards. Here’s how to survive the village:

“There are 15 rounds of Dokkaebi attacks at Kaebi Village. A new wave of Dokkaebi appear in Kaebi Village every 15 seconds for 8 minutes. You cannot use consumables in the dungeon except for Kaebi Village Dumplings or Kaebi Village Soju. After 8 minutes or if you pass out before then, the dungeon event will end, and you’ll be able to break open Gourds and pick up their rewards.”

Next up is Summer of Enchantment running from July 14 through August 11, with reward redemption through September 8. Finally, Raider’s Fortune runs July 14 through August 11. Read the full event list here.

As a reminder, Endless Night launches on July 14 which brings about the third Warlock specialization to Blade & Soul.


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