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New Events Are On the Way for Conqueror's Blade

Plus a new trailer

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You won’t have to wait long for new events in Conqueror’s Blade Season VI. It all starts next month.

There’s an new PvE mode arriving on February 8 where the Scourge of Winter will rise from the shadows and wage a final battle to end all Warlord resistance. You’ll have to fight back and free the North from tyranny.

You will also have to contend with two of the Scourge of Winter’s cruelest and most cunning lieutenants, as The Blood Archon and Ice Archon will also heed the call of battle. Don’t brush them off, though. You should keep them away from the Scourge of Winter, and try to pick them off before their combined might becomes too overwhelming.

Finally, a new trailer has been released providing weary warlords with an intimate look at The Royal Falcon Tavern, Ostaria’s coziest retreat. Check it out below:


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