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New EVE Online Scope Video Talks New Upwell Prototype In Auviken As CCP Takes A Closer Look At A Titan

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online's narrative doesn't smack you in the face like other MMOs, instead it's slowly peeled back in layers like an onion. This latest episode involves the Upwell Consortium and a mysterious prototype hovering in the system of Auviken.

The in-universe news report, The Scope, details the prototype Upwell Consortium structure in the high-sec system, which is hovering in orbit over Auviken VI. Capsuleers can engage Rogue Drones in combat anomalies in Empire space and bring the items these drones drop to the planet, helping the construction efforts, and earning some cold-hard ISK.

While the structure's nature is unknown at this time (personally, it looks like a Stargate or a new type of Shipcaster), this new structure's appearance coincides with the discovery of messages Upwell has been sending the four NPC empires in the last few weeks, proposing what the in-universe Scope correspondent Alton Haveri calls a proposal for the "collaboration on mass cloning or Rejuvenation of selected segments of their population."

This has left the community to theory craft, wondering what the significance of this new structure truly is, and how it all ties together.  One of the top comments on the YouTube video of the Scope broadcast speculates whether this could mean a new character editor, possibly unifying EVE Vanguard and EVE Online creators. As of now, Vanguard has no character creator - you are simply a nameless, featureless husk (probably - I mean, Vanguard clones have to look humanoid under that suit, right?).

It remains to be seen exactly what this new structure entails. However, one thing is not in question: The Avatar Titan is huge. In a video released by CCP Games compiling footage from creatures such as MeatBallStudios, Draconic Slayer and more, the team talks up one of the most iconic (and beautiful) looking ships in the game, the Amarr Empire's Avatar Titan.

As for how big it is, well - let's just say CCP doesn't bury the lede here: It can "plunge megacities into the shadows" and is "more than one and a half times taller than Earth's highest point, Mount Evevest," this hull is gigantic.


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