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New Dev Diary for Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 Gives Sweeping Creative Development Update

Behind the curtain for the highly-anticipated VTM RPG

Victoria Rose Posted:
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For players who still didn’t have faith that Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 was still happening, the team wants to continue to assure you that they not only exist, but are proactively getting things done. In a new Dev Diary, the Paradox team shares a series of updates and previews from a breadth of creative team developers. 

Without spoiling much, each section of this Dev Diary gets a little granular into the respective devs’ processes as they build out their realistic-magic vision of Seattle. 

“The original Bloodlines is iconic for its atmosphere and sense of nostalgia, in part due to how it aptly captured the cultures and attitudes felt at the turn of the millennium,” explains Senior Lighting Artist Freddie Pitcher, as part of his write-up on the lighting. “With Bloodlines 2 we wanted our atmosphere to resonate through the same blood-soaked spectacles, but to show the world as it is now.” 

The update starts by touting concept art and goes all the way to sound/audio, with the latter even demonstrating some of its work with a nifty video (included below with some ASMR vibes). In-between, developers responsible for level design, lighting, and narrative updates chip in with nifty little previews. Of course, just so you’re not disappointed while digging for details, the writer is able to explain some of their work on NPC lines while unveiling as little story as possible.

If you’re excited for the game or just love game development in general, it’s a great blog to dig into.

VTM: Bloodlines 2 was initially indefinitely delayed early into the pandemic, to the disappointment and sadness of many fans, after a dramatic 2019 announcement. The Dev Diary series, which has gone over lore and gameplay as well, seems to be Paradox’s attempt to reassure fans that the delay was, in fact, a delay, and not a full-on cancellation. The anticipated launch date at the moment is Fall 2024.  


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