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New Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Video Spotlights Weapons, Including the New Glaives

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If you’re going to take on Savathûn and the Lucient Brood, Bungie knows you’re going to need weapons. Lots of them, with different functions, sizes, and strategic importance. Fun too, of course. There’s a new preview of some of the weapons you’ll be able to get your hands on in Destiny 2’s upcoming season 5 expansion The Witch Queen.

Your potential arsenal could include weapons you craft and customize for your Guardians, with multiple options to make them right for you and your play style. There are also Exotic weapons like the Grand Overture, which is a slug launcher that charges full auto missiles. Or the Osteo Striga (a preorder bonus item), which fires a series of swarming projectiles that land with a toxic burst. Both of these are shown off in the preview, and they’re only some of what you might want to get your hands on if you want to go big. 

Yet, for all your preparation, there’s something new awaiting in the upcoming expansion: Glaives. These are a series of first-person melee weapons tuned to classes that you can master. You’ll be able to learn combos and effective tactics for slicing through your enemies, sometimes even firing a projectile as you go. Other options include protective shields from your Glaive. Or a healing turret, which the Warlock Glaive: Edge of intent can deploy. There’s a ton to explore with this new weapon archetype both in the expansion and going forward.

The Witch Queen is set for launch on February 22nd, so there are still just a couple of weeks left before you get to launch deep into Savathûn’s Throne World and begin plotting your path. If the battles ahead are going to be tough, it seems like your arsenal just might let you prepare to be tougher. 

For more, you can head over to the Destiny 2 site over at Bungie.


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