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New Destiny 2 Refer-a-Friend Program to Debut October 30th

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On October 30th, a brand new Forsaken-themed Refer-a-Friend program will be coming to Destiny 2. Veteran Guardians can refer pals to Forsaken and use the applicable link and proper code in order to get started. Vets will be able to give their new friend a hand and both will earn "sleek rewards to commemorate" the camaraderie.

Swag includes a special ship, emblem and Sparrow. Those vets who manage to convince multiple friends to join Forsaken will also earn even more.

Veteran Player Requirements

A veteran player is any player who owns Destiny 2: Forsaken. Veteran players may invite new players for the Refer-a-Friend promotion.

New Player Requirements

A new player is any player who does not own Destiny 2: Forsaken, or has owned it for less than 7 days. Once a player has owned Destiny 2: Forsaken for longer than 7 days, they are no longer eligible to be referred for the Refer-a-Friend promotion. Once referred, the quest may completed at any time.

Forsaken is a good time for new players to get involved in the game as the expanded content is thought to be some of the best to date in Destiny 2.

Learn more on the Destiny 2 site.


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