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New Destiny 2 Dungeon Warlord's Ruin Opens, Deepening the Challenge in Season of the Wish

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Warlord’s Ruin awaits in Destiny 2. The newest dungeon, and the second of Lightfall, arrives as part of the new Season of the Wish update that opened up this week.

With a new dungeon comes new rewards, like the new Exotic Void sidearm, Buried Bloodline, and a new armor set. Challenge the new dungeon all the way and emerge victorious for the new 

There will be, as usual, teams getting to claim global first completes as well. If you own the Lightfall + annual pass edition, you have access to the new dungeon or you can purchase a Lightfall dungeon key to play through it. 

The dungeon’s release comes with a teaser that sets up what infiltrating the enemy’s hidden fortress will really mean. You have to work to secure the bones of an Ahamkara. The Ahamkara is central to Season of the Wish and will impact things going forward in Destiny 2, in the leadup to the next expansion, The Final Shape. While that expansion has been delayed to June, there will be content releases to bridge the gap between this, what Bungie is considering the final season before a revamped update cadence, and the saga-ending Final Shape. Season will run through June 4th, 2024.

Before we get to that next expansion, there are mysteries to solve, challenges to undertake, and dragons in the Dreaming City. Or just enough to open paths in the future.

See more over at Bungie.


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