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New deadmau5 Music Video Shows off Core's User Creativity in New Partnership

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Manticore Games' Core is a platform designed around user-created worlds and experiences, and now they've teamed up with electronic music artist deadmau5, someone well known for a memorable image, for a new video. The video for the song "When the Summer Dies", a collaboration with singer and songwriter, Lights, debuts today and it was made using interactive experiences built by players within Core.

Core players were given the instruction to create themed dystopian worlds, with some of them potentially selected for use in the new video. Over 130 user submitted worlds were considered, with a few making it in the video. Among them were a 19-year old high school graduate making her first games related environment, a frequent Core maker who created a cyberpunk junkyard with deadmau5 theming that you can see as a main backdrop in the video. 

This venture with Manticore to team up with Core is not only limited to putting together a video from user-created worlds, but with a full-fledged upcoming presence in the Core metaverse, called Oberhasli. “I’ve been experimenting with the confluence of music and tech for a long time, and now with games, I’m able to take it to a whole other level,” said Joel Zimmerman, also known as deadmau5, in a release.

Oberhasli will launch on October 14th and is a partnership with Pixelynx, which is deadmau5' and partners foray into gaming with Manticore. The launch of Oberhasli is coming and will feature music, games, and other content that will change and evolve over time. 

The partnership and launch of the new music video are also accompanied by a contest where Core fans can participate in a virtual meet and greet with deadmau5 in Oberhasli. You can find out more about the new content, as well as the competition, here.


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