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New Crowfall TEST Patch Stops Your Equipment From Dropping

Fixes included as well

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new test patch for Crowfall is here and now stops your equipment from dropping. Yup.

Specifically, your equipment in the dregs will no longer drop. Inventory could still drop, but your equipment won’t. a few infected forts and keeps were also renamed. A scoring error was fixed on Feed the Flock’s victory card. Lootable chests and contains have been added to some buildings in the Infected world.

The patch also brought some tweaks to UI, Assassin, Duelist, Frostweaver, disciplines, and NPCs including:

  • Fixed Cassius ( Duelist NPC ) so that he properly stands on the ground.
  • Fixed the name of Francois to match what he's selling
  • Vendors should have the proper faction while in the Temple.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon vendors in temples would animate with duplicate weapon models.
  • Intermediate ranged vendor now sells arrows in Infected Campaign

Check out the full test patch notes here. And if you missed it, catch up on Crowfall’s latest Q&A here.


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