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New Crowfall Test Patch Brings New Mount Visuals, Persistent Chests

Plus bug fixes and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Crowfall received a new patch for Test recently, adding mount visuals and persistent chests.

Regarding the mount, once you summon a mount, you’ll appear to be riding the mount you actually summoned. Additionally, new mounts were added like the Quarterhorse, Warhorse, and Nightmare. Additionally, you can now jump while mounted.

Persistent chests were added for forts and keeps. These chests can be accessed by the specific faction who owns them. This means that if the faction changes, the contents of that chest will then become available to the new owners.

Additional changes in the patch touched on performance, campaign, crafting, UI, and a host of bug fixes. Specifically regarding performance, several improvements were outlined including:

  • Performance Optimization continues to be a high priority, particularly for large battles.
  • Reduced the hitch caused by entering proximity of party members.
  • Fixed an issue where Doober FXs appeared to multiply on new doobers.
  • Optimized several world visuals including campfires and harvestable resources.
  • Added texture streaming and reduced the size of many textures.


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