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New Crowfall Test Build Brings Fix to Alliances

Plus campaigns touched on

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new update to the Crowfall test server brings about some changes to Alliances.

As noted in the forum post, the team is still working out a few issues specific to the Dregs World. If this pans out, the team will have a clearer idea of exactly when a campaign can go live. Essentially, an issue was fixed where members of different guilds but under the same alliance would randomly become unable to interact with each other. Fortunately, it looks like that has been fixed.

A camera/settings issue was also briefly touched on,

“We have identified the cause of the settings / camera issue and a fix is being worked on.  Anything that you can help identify on TEST as a bug or not working as intended with reproducible steps is extremely helpful.”

You can check out the full forum post here. if you want to access the test server, you’ll need a separate installer which you can download here. If you encounter bugs, be sure to log them in the Bug Forum so the team can more easily track them.


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