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New Class, the Bouncer, and Halloween Coming Soon to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is unveiling its brand new Bouncer class next week, and kicking off Halloween this month. Sega is also showing off the new region of Retem, along with promises of a new story update in the upcoming major December update.

The Bouncer is coming on October 13th, and this class is best in close to mid-range, but highly skilled in mid-air. The Bouncer has Photon Arts and Techniques and uses Soaring Blades and Jet Boots. Adding to the newness of the class, Jet Boots are special. They're the only weapon that can also take on the element of a chosen Technique. Soaring Blades is also notable for being able to attack with variations.

In the new update on October 13th, not only wihh the Bouncer arrive, but there is a new reward system called Mission Pass:NGS. The new system will let you unlock and earn both cosmetics and useful loot too. Season 1 of the new system wil run through November 10th. Everyone that logs in during the season will get N-Mission Pass Gold. 

Also in this update is a new quest type called Battledia. To complete it, you can collect Battle Triggers from enemies, before taking five of them to use at a Trigger Point and start the new quest. Pick yellow or purple. For yellow, rewards include EXP, armor and weapon enhancement materials. For the Battledia purple quest, the rewards defeat Gigantix within a time limit and win higher quality loot.

As it is October after all, Halloween is also coming to PSO2. The Halloween Fiesta begins on October 27th and will run through November 24th. Special decorations will set the stage and you'll be able to take ontime limites tasks and beat some seasonal themed enemies, which you'll get currency to trade for new holiday rewards.

December will bring Retem, a region said to be as big as Alia, as well as chapter 2 of the game's story content. Major new region and story content updates should come around every six months, but the team will hold plenty of smaller scale updates in between. For more on the region and a peek at new creatures and lands, the NGS presentation at the 33:00 mark has you covered. Also check out our tips to get started in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.


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