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New City and New Class Arrives in Ragnarok Online

Plus Stay Home events

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ragnarok Online has received a new update which includes a new class and more.

The class is called Taekwon Kid and doesn’t utilize any weapon according to the press release. Instead the class uses kicks,

“The path of Taekwon is not easy, and those who decided to master it have to tirelessly hone their martial skills, strengthen the body and discipline the mind, but as result, the Taekwon adepts become fierce and unstoppable warriors”

A new city is added as well, called Hugel, which is described as a beautiful and quiet village at the foot of Icy Mountains. The new content includes quests, monsters and opportunity to bet on Monster Racing or even play bingo with your friends.

Additionally, STAYHOME events are continuing in the game with the team thanking their players for, “keeping their guard both in the real world and Midgard.” You can grab useful consumables in the game using the code STAYHOMEPLAYRAGNAROK which you can redeem here.


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